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Max Bawarski | Founder of The Blood and Guts Run

Thanks for being interested in our race…and for being so intrigued that you decided to read a little bit about my life! I grew up in Upstate New York where I played nearly every sport imaginable…well, not everything. I loved football, basketball, baseball, golf, and fishing. However, the feeling that I experienced while running made me feel truly alive. I began my running career in high school and continued in college where I ran nearly 80 miles a week. In 2006, shortly after college, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Good news…I am stronger than ever! Last year, I was diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease but nothing can hold me down! I love giving back to community organizations and am always looking for charity partners!

I am currently a physical education teacher at an elementary school in Fairfax, Virginia, and I love my job. I have been doing this for the past eleven years. It is so powerful to be able to able to motivate and teach children about healthy choices and the importance of physical activity. Did I mention that my favorite holiday is Halloween? The entrepreneur in me thought…hmmm…how can I merge my two passions together? This was the birth of the Blood and Guts Run. I strive to give individuals, families, and children the opportunity to come together and partake in a wild and memorable time! While participating in our race, I hope that you experience a similar thrill that I feel while running!