Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be refunds?

Sorry, there are no refunds for the Blood and Guts Run.

If the weather conditions are poor will the race still take place?

Yes. The Blood and Guts Run is a rain or shine event. Special safety precautions are taken by Bull Run Regional Park and Blood and Guts Run to ensure the safety of our participants.

Do I have to pay for parking?

No. Parking for Bull Run Park is free.

How early should I show up before my race wave?

Runners are encouraged to arrive 30min to 45min before their wave begins.

Can I run with a stroller?

No, we want to ensure the safety of your child and all runners. Strollers are not permitted.

Is there a rinse station?

Yes, we will have a rinse station located near the finish line.

How can I get discount tickets for large groups?


What do I get when I cross the finish line?

Once you complete the obstacle course, you will receive a t-shirt and a custom made Blood and Guts Run MEDAL, costume contest, and food trucks.

Can I change my start time?

Yes. Please email if you need to change your start time.

Will there be an EMS crew present at the Blood and Guts Run?

Yes, EMS will be at the event to help you if you are injured while running the Blood and Guts Run.

Can I let a family member, friend, significant other, etc. use my registration if I am unable to attend?

No, we do not allow participant transfers.  We will allow you to defer your registration to a future race.  Email for more information.

Is there a minimum age requirement to participate in the Blood and Guts Run?

The minimum age to participate in the Blood and Guts Run is 5 years old. However, we do encourage parents or guardians to run alongside their children. Parents must sign a waiver for their child if they are under the age of 18. Please see our register page for more information.

How can my company or business get involved with the race?